Improve your skills to fly safer SIV is an training manouvers which make you to understand glider better and act correctly in case of emergency situations.
When do I have to take basic SIV? as soon as you finish you beginner course and you are ready to take next step to stay longer and higher in air. As you know to stay longer in air we have to use dynamic wind or take take some thermal to be able stay longer in that time we should now how to act in torbulance and you need to know how to go down faster. 


One of the best way to show the student is demostrae manouvers in tandem. I do one tandem flight in all my SIV course to show the students how does maneuver looks like and how they have to react. Tandem infinity is available.
Basic and advance SIV


Discover new places and fly far to making a safe course country fly need some requiment. First of all there is some minimum of skills which pilots need to have to start flying cross country. (Good ground handiling-knowing well how to fly thermal-SIV)
In this course we show the pilots how to make a safe xc fly.
It’s include
  • Analysis correctly the weather forcast and the area which you gonna fly.
  • Thermal transit
  • Cerate glide line
  • Chose correct landing area


Course is step where you start to be a pilot. its start with teoric class and ground handling as soon as pilot is in the level to fly in small hills we go to hill up to 40m. pilot flying for couples of time and till student is ready to fly from higher take off. in total in student make 15 flights in the course.

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